Is your water safe to drink?

More than half of the nation’s thousands of miles of rivers and streams are plagued by poor water quality, including harmful nutrient pollution and mercury, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

That was the key finding of the agency’s first comprehensive examination of the health of U.S. waters, made public Tuesday.

“This new science shows that America’s streams and rivers are under significant pressure,” said Nancy Stoner, assistant administrator in the Office of Water. The findings are troubling, she said, considering the waterways’ vital role in providing drinking water, recreation and fueling the economy.

Fifty-five percent of these waters were considered to be in “poor” condition for aquatic life, while just 21 percent of the waters were considered “good.” The results were based on samples collected randomly from nearly 2,000 rivers during the summers of 2008 and 2009, the agency said.

Among the findings:

  • More than a quarter of rivers and streams registered high nitrogen levels and 40 percent had too much phosphorous. Such nutrient pollution, which typically runs off of farmland, sparks algae growth, eroding food supplies and depriving aquatic species of oxygen.
  • More than a quarter of rivers and streams are particularly prone to flooding, pollution and erosion because of a dearth of vegetation cover.
  • Nine percent of waters tested positive for high bacteria levels, making them not fit for swimming.
  • Fish in more than 13,000 of miles of water carried high levels of mercury, a toxic element particularly harmful to children and fetuses.

Conditions were typically better in the western U.S. than in the east, particularly across the mountain regions, where 26 percent of waters was in “poor” condition and 42 percent was “good.” Worst off was the Coastal Plains region, stretching from Eastern Texas to Florida and along much of the Atlantic coast. There, 71 percent of these waters was deemed “poor.”

The survey comes as several states are looking to address water pollution. States along the Mississippi River, for instance, are hashing out plans to cut down on nutrient pollution that has long choked the Gulf of Mexico.


Water is life as they say and its very important for our health plus it holds major benefits that lead towards a healthy lifestyle. As much as we need to drink lots of water to stay healthy, it is wise to also note that the water we drink contains a lot of chlorine, bacteria, pesticides etc that can be very harmful to your health and also to your family’s heath too. Fortunately, there are water systems that can be bought which will filter out all these particles so that you can be able to consume healthy water.

The health benefits of filtered water are many from detoxification to digestion and below are some of the common health benefits that we all should know;

1.Detoxification – your kidneys need a very good amount of water so as to do their work which is very important when it comes to detoxifying the body. The kidneys can only flush out the toxins if they get fresh water.
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If you live in the United States, there is a nearly one-in-four chance your tap water is either unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law, a new study has found.

If you live in the United States, there is a nearly one-in-four chance your tap water is either unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law, a new study has found.

In 2015, nearly 77 million Americans lived in places where the water systems were in some violation of safety regulations, including the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act, according to the report released on Tuesday from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental advocacy group.

It’s not only that some tap water has high levels of lead, nitrates, arsenic or other pollutants, said Mae Wu, a senior attorney with the council’s health program. It is that too often, a lack of reporting means residents cannot be sure whether their drinking water is contaminated or not.

The issue is not new; tap water safety violations across the United States have been reported again and again and again. The new study is an attempt to tell the big-picture story, Ms. Wu said, as a backdrop to the piecemeal reports coming out of towns and cities across the country. To help your family from this health crisis.
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Impotance of ionized water purifying

Importance of ionized water purifying

Clean water is a big concern all over the world, but in underdeveloped countries, it takes a special meaning for it can mean the difference between life or death. At the very least can prevent you from having a serious disease. The standards for the quality of the drinking water are set internationally or by the governments but there is a minimum and maximum contaminants concentration rate.

However, drinking is not the only use of clean water, it is also meaningful for the irrigation of fields, water-related leisure or industrial usage.

There are several ways of purifying water, all of which with the single purpose of removing chemicals or biological contents from it. Water purification can occur through physical methods, such as filtration or sedimentation; biological ones, as slow sand filters or activated carbon; chemical processes as chlorination or flocculation or even by the use of radiation in the form of ultraviolet light.
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The Most Effective to Purify Water

The most effective to Purify Water

By Removing Large Particulates

Approaching clean water is very important to the well-being of individuals, animals, and plants. Water can be tainted with pathogens, minerals, and different polluting influences that can cause diseases and medical issues. Regardless of whether you wind up out in the wild and don’t have an access to clean water or don’t have a sheltered wellspring of water at home, there are various ways you can sanitize water to evacuate silt and contaminants.

Strain the water. For water that is polluted with vast particles like rocks, creepy crawlies, plant matter, or soil, you can strain out the contaminants. Line a fine-work strainer with muslin, cheesecloth, a perfect drying towel, or even a spotless cotton shirt. Place the strainer over a bowl, and pour the water through the strainer to evacuate the particles.
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How clean is your drinking water?

What happens if U.S. ignores water issues?

What happens if US ignores water issues?  

America’s water issues extend far beyond the current crisis in Flint, Michigan — and it’s going to take a massive infrastructure investment to protect citizens from serious public health dangers, say experts.

In light of World Water Day, on March 22, the White House, along with about 150 other institutions, pledged more than $5 billion to improve water accessibility and quality across the nation, acknowledging that “water challenges are facing communities and regions across the United States, impacting millions of lives and costing billions of dollars in damages.”

Purified Water Health Benefits

Drinking purified water helps the body to function at optimal levels. Given that our body is majorly made up water, about two-thirds, it is important to understand the role water plays in our body. This will help us drink plenty of purified water for good health.

These are some of the purified water health benefits:

Removal of toxins.

The kidneys are the main organs in our body that removes toxins. These organs need water to perform their function well. Water helps the kidney to filter toxins, and aid the cells to get rid of wastes and also take in nutrients and transport them to other organs in the body.

Purified water also helps our heart to pump fresh, oxygenated blood to our organs. If the heart lacks water, then it has to use extra energy to pump oxygen and this can cause severe health problems.

Strong Joints.
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Water Purifier

Though sometimes when we heard about purified water, we tend to think that purified water is same on Distilled Water, Ionized Water, and Filtered Water. Well, they are all water but there is a difference how it was processed. To make it very short Ionized Water is processed with mineral irons and has two classifications that for sure you heard of it such as Ionized Alkaline Water and Ionized Acidic Water. Furthermore, Ionize Alkaline Water is believed to its miracle benefits according to some research. Thus, the difference between purified and filtered water is that –purified has been processed thoroughly to remove any components and impurities in the water and added some iodine and chlorine. While Filtered Water also is processed to remove any impurities in the water itself, however, it is also added with an activated carbon to prevent impurities to enter in the drinking water.

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Learn About a Drinking Water Filter System

A Drinking Water Filter System for your home can shield your family from unsafe medications, hormones and different chemicals found water sources openly. The correct framework will sift through the hazardous lead that has been found in numerous metropolitan drinking water supplies around the nation. The wrong frame won’t do these things.

The correct drinking Water Filter System is one that uses numerous channels, including actuated carbon and micron molecule channels, and also particle trade to adjust your mineral substance. Follow minerals in your water are useful for your wellbeing. That is the reason distillers and invert osmosis is never again suggested. Those frameworks lessen the mineral substance to such a low level that your family could endure medical issues, especially those identified with the stomach related structure.
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Ionized Water

Ionized water is for the most part just a fancy name for water containing minerals.This form of water is naturally occurring or may be produced by use of water ionizers.

Ionized water is backed up by extensive research to harbor a variety of benefits ranging from:

For one, it restores the body’s pH level to normal standards.Ailments such as allergies, repeated occurrence of colds and joint pains are attributed to uneven pH balances in the body.

Furthermore, oxidation freely occurring in the body is attributed to causing damage to the body’s DNA leading to faster aging.

Ionized water reduces this extensive toll by giving up its free ions to neutralize the free radicals.

On top of it all, ionized water is far much easier to absorb in the body.meaning more moisture in the body and easier elimination of waste.If that doesn’t sound good I don’t know what doe

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