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Is your water safe to drink?

More than half of the nation’s thousands of miles of rivers and streams are plagued by poor water quality, including harmful nutrient pollution and mercury, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That was the key finding of the agency’s first comprehensive examination of the health of U.S. waters, made public Tuesday. RELATED Local Governments […]


Water is life as they say and its very important for our health plus it holds major benefits that lead towards a healthy lifestyle. As much as we need to drink lots of water to stay healthy, it is wise to also note that the water we drink contains a lot of chlorine, bacteria, pesticides […]

Purified Water Health Benefits

Drinking purified water helps the body to function at optimal levels. Given that our body is majorly made up water, about two-thirds, it is important to understand the role water plays in our body. This will help us drink plenty of purified water for good health. These are some of the purified water health benefits: […]

Water Filtration Health Benefits

Filtered water has lots of medical advantages. Besides assisting with the body’s detoxification and absorption, it enables the sensory system to stay working effectively. It is additionally basic for young children, especially babies whose immune system is not also developed as that of adults. The health benefits of filtered Water offers are as per the […]

Ionized Alkaline Water – For Better Health

Have you ever heard of ionized water? It is neither acidic nor neutral on a pH scale. This waterworks miraculously on your health. It gives benefits in many amazing ways. They are extremely useful in eliminating harmful toxins from your body. The toxins and acids are entered into your body through wrong foods, drinks, and […]

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