Water Purifier

Though sometimes when we heard about purified water, we tend to think that purified water is same on Distilled Water, Ionized Water, and Filtered Water. Well, they are all water but there is a difference how it was processed. To make it very short Ionized Water is processed with mineral irons and has two classifications that for sure you heard of it such as Ionized Alkaline Water and Ionized Acidic Water. Furthermore, Ionize Alkaline Water is believed to its miracle benefits according to some research. Thus, the difference between purified and filtered water is that –purified has been processed thoroughly to remove any components and impurities in the water and added some iodine and chlorine. While Filtered Water also is processed to remove any impurities in the water itself, however, it is also added with an activated carbon to prevent impurities to enter in the drinking water.

In fact, some don’t care for the differences of water purifying as long as they can drink water. Generally, there are some families that they just boiled their drinking water to kill any impurities in it instead of installing or buying naturally purified water in the stores.

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